Get yourself organised and financially ready for 2015!

In finance we celebrate the end of two New Years; the end of the financial year and the end of the Gregorian year, both of which are a cause for celebration and reflection. Financial reflection that is. While we commonly reflect upon on our personal progression at this time of year, it is also a great time to reflect upon our finances and to make sure we are financially secure and ready for any changes that we may face in the coming year.

Due to this, we always recommend that our customers use this opportunity to ask themselves the following questions:

1) “Am I financially organised?” 

2) “Are my finances ready to handle change?”

3) “Are my finances manageable and secure?”

We believe that by asking these questions, one can evaluate how financially prepared they are for the New Year.

If after contemplating these questions, you find your finances could benefit from a little tender loving care (TLC) this New Year, Corinne Gepp can help. She is famed for her open, friendly and non-judgmental approach to finance, and can provide advice on a full range of financial services including financial planning, superannuation and retirement planning, risk protection, estate planning and aged care.

While the future is uncertain, it can still be planned for. Which is why Corinne Gepp believes that everyone can benefit from financial planning advice this New Year. If you want to get your New Year off to the best possible start, and learn how to make smart money choices and achieve your financial goals, schedule a financial planning consult with Corinne Gepp today.